5 Tips for Choosing a Color Palate for a Bedroom

by Senior Editor on May 30, 2013

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Choosing a color palate for a room is one of a designer’s most enjoyable tasks. Bedrooms especially present beautiful canvases for a place in which soft, sensual and elegant color schemes can be used.  While paint is an obvious choice for adding color to a room, wall art and wall decals provide additional ways to brighten up a space.

Finding Inspiration

When designing a bedroom specifically, it best to begin by choosing abedding set that the homeowner/designer really likes. From the bedding, inspiration and ideas are created by coordinating color schemes with the colors in the bedspread. Designers typically ask the homeowner to show them a picture or piece of art that they love.

From that picture, designing a color palate that will be showcased in the room is quick and easy. In a bedroom specifically, using a bedspread, quilt or duvet as inspiration for room color is a popular technique.


In a bedroom that uses a gray and yellow color palate, the bedding was most likely where color inspiration was found. The bed comforter may have been a beautiful gray color, with yellow and white embroidered flowers scattered across the top.  Yellow, gray and white accent pillows could coordinate with the comforter making the bed an amazing focal point in the space.

Furthermore, in coordinating with the bed comforter, a soft yellow color would be an excellent choice for wall color. The walls could then be accented with prints framed in glossy white frames. The room would be soft, yet elegant and contemporary.

Framed Prints

Once a color scheme has been chosen for the walls in a bedroom, it is important to think about how those walls will be decorated.  As mentioned above, the yellow bedroom walls could be accented with prints framed in glossy white frames.

Framed prints come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and themes. Just about any print can be framed and hung on a wall. However, there are several additional options for wall décor besides framed prints, including mirrors, wall stickers or wall decals.

Available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes, self- adhesive wall stickers  are truly functional in achieving the look and feel homeowners want to create within a space.  For example, hanging a large wall sticker which reads “Dream” or “Always Kiss Me Goodnight,” above the bed in a bedroom would create a beautiful sense of harmony within the space.

As it is important that the bed be the first thing people see when they enter a bedroom, a wall sticker would serve as an additional focal point within the bedroom.  Wall stickers, arguably more than any other type of wall art, can be personalized to express the taste and style of the homeowner, and will coordinate beautifully with any color scheme.


Lastly, many homeowners love to use mirrors to brighten up their walls. Mirrors are an elegant choice for wall décor. Reflecting light and images within a room, mirrors create a beautifully dramatic effect.  Making a room appear to be much larger than it is, mirrors are both functional and lovely. Hung above a bed, a sofa, or a sofa table, mirrors always work nicely in any space and above any piece of furniture

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