5 Timeless Design Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

by Editor on September 7, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Complete

Remodeling your kitchen can be a scary business. Of course you’re bound to have some fun along the way as you make the most popular hangout spot in your house more functional and aesthetically pleasing, but with the amount of money you’re bound to drop on a kitchen renovation, you no doubt want to take steps to ensure that you’ll see a hefty return on investment down the road. The problem is that your style may not be nearly mainstream enough to interest the majority of buyers. But if you want to make the look of your kitchen appealing to the largest segment of buyers on the market for a new home one day, the best thing you can do is go with timeless trends that are certain to be as attractive in 10 or 20 years as they are today. Here are a few design ideas that are sure to be a hit.

  1. Bright white. The unfortunate truth about any type of design is that trends in colors and materials come and go. Just look at Formica: a household staple in the 1950s, it fell out of fashion within a couple of decades. These days it is experiencing something of a revival as a retro look, but that likely won’t last long. The point is that you have to be careful when it comes to selecting the colors and finishes in your kitchen. And one way to go is uber simplistic with bright white everything. Shaker style cabinets in white can provide a sleek, modern look that will nonetheless stand the test of time. White flooring and countertops, along with a subway-tile backsplash will complete your bright kitchen. This will make the room look larger than it probably is, and you can add any pops of color that suit your personality. So can new homeowners down the line.
  2. Natural finishes. Many people like the warm look of wood and stone in the kitchen. The only problem is that even here colors and materials can go out of style. For example, oak was an extremely popular choice for kitchen cabinets and flooring in the ’80s, but modern homeowners tend to hate the look. Today’s designers seem to like two-tone kitchens with light wood on upper shelves and darker wood below the countertop, but who knows how long that will last? The best thing you can probably do is adopt a classic look such as rustic nude wood with a clear-coat sealant. Anyone who doesn’t like it later on can always sand it down and paint or stain over it.
  3. Ample lighting. The kitchen is one area of the home where ample illumination is the order of the day, so the outdated, fluorescent box has got to go. If you want a look that’s going to last, recessed lighting is probably your best option since the fixtures are basically hidden. Put plenty of cans in the ceiling, and since they’re not directional, think about under-cabinet lighting, as well, to ensure that countertop surfaces are well lit. And if you decide to go with open cabinetry or glass doors, put lighting inside the cupboards, as well. It would be almost impossible to have too much light.
  4. Practical considerations. The layout of your kitchen should be conducive to ease of use, which means creating the classic triangle, for starters. This configuration aligns the fridge, stove, and sink in a triangular layout so as to make cooking tasks more efficient. Of course, you also want to make sure that cabinet functionality is high, so adding corner cabinets and pull-out shelving couldn’t hurt. Practicality never goes out of style.
  5. A few modern touches. You’re going to have a hard time finding timeless fixtures – like colors, these trends change by the decade, as well. Luckily, faucets and other hardware are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, so think about hitting up an exotic kitchen and bath expo to find a few pieces that speak to your personal style. Even if they’re not exactly timeless, they won’t likely stop anyone from purchasing your home and swapping them out for something they like better.
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