5 Things You’re Doing That is Ruining Your Plumbing

by Editor on October 31, 2013


Whether your home is brand new or you have lived in it for years, there are many things you can do to help everyday functioning of home appliances. This will not only help lower bill costs on utilities and random home repairs, but aid in keeping the overall value of your home up. Things such as turning off lights when leaving a room and unplugging electronic devices when you’re not using them are just two good examples of how to help save money and keep your home in better condition.

There are also things you can do to your home that can damage it or apprehend normal functioning, however. People don’t do these things on purpose, of course, but rather because they simply don’t realize what they’re doing may be harming their house. Your home’s plumbing is a good example of one system in your house that must work together for optimal performance. If there’s a problem with one of your sinks, toilets, or showers, the entire plumbing system could be affected.

The following 5 things should be avoided when dealing with your home’s plumbing:

  1. Using it as a disposal system— While it is acceptable to dispose of certain things down your kitchen sink’s disposal drain, things like grease should never be thrown away by this means. You should also avoid disposing of hair and fingernails down your bathroom sinks because this can lead to clogs. As for your toilets, paper towels, clean up wipes, and other such items should never be flushed.
  1. Using too many chemicals/mixing chemicals— Whether you’re trying to unblock a tough clog or simply clean your toilets and sinks, it is never a good thing to mix multiple chemicals or use an excessive amount of them, even if it may seem like it’s helping to clean better. Mixing random chemicals can create dangerous toxins, and using too many can damage pipes.
  1. Overusing your plumbing system— Obviously, you will want to keep faucets off while not in use, but you can also help with bill costs by not running the dish washer or washing machine until they’re completely full, and taking shorter or timed showers. Doing so will lower monthly bills and enable your system to stay newer for longer.
  1. Keeping hoses plugged in year round— If you leave your hoses plugged into your outside faucets during the winter, it can lead to plumbing damage when cold temperatures may cause them to freeze. It’s important to unscrew and store all hoses before the cold weather sets in.
  1. Not getting required maintenance or annual tune-ups— While you will probably want to keep saving money in mind, not calling a plumber when there is a potential problem can actually cause you to lose money by creating more problems. Having an annual tune-up by professional plumbers, like Mr. Rooter Plumbing, can only help keep your entire plumbing system in optimal condition so that complications can be prevented.

By avoiding the previous mistakes, you can help to not only save money but keep your whole plumbing system in tip-top shape. Ensure your plumbing is in the best possible condition by scheduling an inspection by a professional.

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