5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing New Windows for Your Home

by Editor on July 22, 2013

New Windows

As your home gets older, it may be time to consider installing and purchasing new windows for your house. Old windows can actually cause you to waste a lot of extra money on your energy bill every month. Sometimes it is best to spend the money upfront on replacing windows instead of throwing money away on heating or cooling your home. Be proactive instead of waiting for your old windows to worsen. If this sounds like the windows in your home you should consider these 5 things before you decide to purchase new windows for your home.

First, consider if and why you need new windows in your home. Some minor window issues can be repaired such as a malfunctioning lock or lever. However larger problems such as rot are almost impossible to fix. Over time windows can become a larger hassle. It may be very difficult to open or close window fixtures properly. Sometimes the edges may be constructed out of wood, which can require constant scraping and painting in addition to other routine maintenance. Other old windows develop condensation, the need for endless cleaning or frustrating to install storm windows. All of these problems can lead to ineffective windows that look ugly, are frustrating and can even cause your home to be less energy efficient.

If new windows are necessary, you will first want to consider the window appearance. Decide if you will be replacing all windows or just some of them. In old homes, it may be difficult to find an exact match to the current windows without having to custom order them and pay additional fees. Instead, it is best to replace all windows if possible for a cohesive look. Many people may not be able to afford to replace all of the windows in their home all at once. If this is the case, consider replacing all windows on just one side of the house so that they all look uniform.

Finally, consider the glass you will use for your windows. It is ideal to choose glass that is energy-efficient. You also want a window with double-pane glass, which will not be hard to find because windows usually come standard with this type of glass. If you are willing to spend a bit more, you may also want to consider features like low-E coating and argon gas in between window panes. Energy-efficient windows are definitely the way to go and will be a worthwhile investment. They will help lower your monthly energy bill by keeping air inside your home and not allowing outside air to enter through cracks or leaks.

Purchasing new windows for your home is a worthwhile investment that will pay off for years to come so that you can enjoy your home. Whether you choose to install them yourself with the help of vacuum cups, or you hire someone to replace the windows, you will be happy with your decision. New windows will actually help your home to be more energy efficient and they will look great!

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