5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Relaxing and Inviting for Guests

by Editor on September 27, 2013

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Have you ever been to someone’s home and from the moment that you stepped inside, you felt warm, cozy and extremely comfortable yet you couldn’t put your finger on why? If you really stop and think about it, it was probably the little extra things that they did to make their place seem inviting and relaxing.

Now that you have some of your own visitors coming over, you might be wondering what you can do to make them feel equally as content. Well, the good news is that there are many things that you can do that are simple, cheap and yes, truly memorable. So, if you’re looking for five simple ways to make your home a more relaxing and inviting for your guests, check these out below:

Have it smell nice. No matter how beautifully decorated your place may be, it’s not going to leave that much of an impression if it smells a bit musty or stale. The way to correct that is one, open up a few windows to air your house out and two, light up some soy candles. Jasmine, sandalwood and lavender are all extremely welcoming scents.

Add some flowers and plants. If you’ve never really been much of a plant person, we encourage you to stop by local nursery and pick up an English Ivy or Spider Plant. Not only will it immediately make your home seem warmer but there is also scientific evidence to support the fact that plants help to purify the air as well. Oh, and speaking of plants, another nice touch is to stop by your local grocery store and pick up some roses. They will go perfectly on your living room coffee table or the nightstand in your guest room.

Make a toiletry or snack gift basket. If you have some guests who are coming to stay for a couple of days, make them feel right at home by creating your own toiletry or gift basket. You can either fill it with things like trial-size soaps, toothpaste, lotion and socks or you can make a goodie basket complete with packages of tea, cocoa, fruit and cookies.

Be conscious of the temperature. One of the challenges that comes with several people being in one house is that while some may think the house is too warm, others may find it to be too cool. Of course, one of the benefits of home insulation is that it helps to keep the rooms in your house at a more even temperature but it’s also helpful to use your ceiling fans, ocillating fans or space heaters when your guests are needing things to be warmer or cooler.

Put dimmers on the light outlets. Something you can do that’s very subtle but will still leave a great impression is to place dimmers on the light outlets, especially in the guest room. That way, your company doesn’t have to feel like their only lighting options are bright overhead lighting or nothing at all. They can actually dim the lights and sit back and relax…while spending time inside of your home.

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