5 Reasons Why New Zealand Wool Rugs Are The Best

by Editor on May 22, 2013


Decorating one’s home is everybody’s passion and we love the appreciation from the guest pouring in the homes. Apart from the guests, you would be the first one to appreciate your home when it is aesthetically decorated. Rugs are an instant choice for uplifting the décor of the home. There is an immense variety in the market but New Zealand Wool rugs top the chart. Let us know what makes them every homeowner’s preferred choice.

  1. Eco-Friendly: all across the globe, people have now started taking the sustainable and green environment concept quite seriously. Wool rugs are made from ecological fibers so they are the purest. In addition, the making process through which these rugs pass are energy and water efficient. The sheep farms do not make use of any banned pesticides. Therefore, these rugs meet the environment sustainability standards and are undoubtedly of high quality.
  2. Purify the Indoors:  If you have synthetic rugs at your place, they will emit contaminants like sulphur dioxide, formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide. Well, instead if you invest in the wool one, they will help you absorb all such contaminants present indoor and hence purify your place. You could breathe in a pollution free air. They not only will absorb them but also do not re-emit even when you heat them up.
  3. Pet-friendly: For all pet owners, the pets are just like any other family member. They are looked after in the same manner as the human beings. To make sure that your pet is happy and comfortable you are ready to go from pillar to post. However, bring home the New Zealand Wool rug, which are non-allergic in nature. They will not let the dust mites to set in, not emit any harmful chemicals. Therefore, they are a safe choice when you have pets around. In addition, the thick pile of the wool will work as an additional comfort layer underfoot for the pet.
  4. Fire retardant: since New Zealand wool rugs are made from the highest quality fibers and pass through all the stringent quality checks, they ought to be the best. And since it is wool, they are fire resilient too. Wow! This means that you not need not worry or scream whenever you or any of your guests accidentally drop cigarette or a candle over the wool rug. They have a high ignition temperature so there is no or very little chance of catching fire, they are less likely to spread, do not melt, no toxic gas formation and low combustion heat etc. So, you have a peace of mind when you make an investment in them.
  5. A perfect match for tropical climatic regions: well, by saying this I do not mean to say that these are the only areas where you could keep them. They are suitable for any season, any climate and any region. What I thrive for is that the tropical climatic areas have to face the brunt of high temperature and humidity. However, they do not affect the New Zealand Wool rugs at all. When it is quite humid, they will absorb the excess moisture but will not feel damp and when the atmosphere is dry, they will release this excess moisture.

We are sure that after reading all these facts about the New Zealand Wool rugs, you are going to invest in them right away.

About the Author

Della Menato is a student of interior designing in California. Keen to pursue her career in home décor, Della finds wool area rugs as the easiest, cost effective and the most eco-friendly elements of home décor to design home and office space.

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