5 Practical Furniture Ideas For Your Home That Will Stand The Test Of Time

by Editor on May 30, 2013


Your living room area is your most important indoor space; it is where you can entertain guests and spend quality time with your family every day of the week. Therefore, it is necessary to think carefully about what sort of furniture to include in your living room and how to make the best use of the space you have. This article explores 5 practical furniture ideas for your main living area.

Use ‘multi-purpose’ furniture

If you watched the third episode of the The Apprentice 2013 UK series, you may remember that one of the teams produced a multifunctional table and chair, which won thousands of orders and helped the boys’ team achieve a decisive victory at the end of the task.

To save money and space, consider investing in ‘multi-functional’ furniture in your own home. This can be tremendously advantageous if you lack space or have a small budget. For example, multi-purpose furniture can provide invaluable storage space and can help you conceal your clutter more easily. Sofas that open out into fold-out beds are also very convenient because they enable you to convert your living room into a new sleeping space without having to use an additional bed.

Opt for high quality leather

Because of its beautiful textures and excellent durability, leather is still one of the most popular choices of fabric for indoor furniture. It can be complemented in many sophisticated designs, one of the most popular of which includes American Leather, and is relatively easy to clean in the long term. For example, you may want to opt for a small leather ottoman for extra storage space and multi-functionality. This particular item is great for storing books, toys and other items, and can also be used as a footrest in a living room or a conservatory.

Consider the vintage look

Vintage furniture is environmentally friendly; it is reclaimed, which means you are preventing the material from being deposited into a landfill site. It is also cost-effective and can increase in value over time, depending on the type of fabric you choose. Vintage furniture with minor defects like scratches and other marks may be significantly cheaper than furniture that is in perfect condition. However, minor imperfections are easily treatable, so do not shy away from purchasing a luxurious set of vintage wooden chairs if they happen to have a few scratches on them.

Fancy choosing a ‘levitating’ sofa?

If you’re tired of having to stretch to the coffee table to grab your remote control or magazine, consider purchasing a unique levitating sofa. One of the most innovative furniture designs in recent years is the Ramsa Sofa, which was designed by the furniture entrepreneur Younes Duret and enables you to store all of your books, magazines and other items directly beneath your sofa, creating the illusion of a ‘floating’ piece of furniture.

An all-in-one pool/dining table?

The Koralturk Pool/Dining Table is a luxury product that simply opens out into a stylish pool table, meaning you can convert your dining room into a games room in a matter of seconds without having to move any of your items. It can be tailored in 100s of different finishing styles and is just a fraction of the weight of a regular pool table, which makes it much easier to transport to different locations.

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Daniel Williams discovered he had a passion for interior design when he began helping his parents renovate properties as a child. Since then he’s worked on behalf of a number of furniture suppliers, from local antique stores and flea markets┬áto bigger retailers such as Brooks Furnishings, a furniture shop based in Romford, Essex.

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