5 Packing Tips For Those On The Move

by Editor on May 10, 2013


There’s no getting away from the fact that moving house is stressful. And that’s just the physical act of moving your stuff from one property to another let alone the added of the planning, paperwork and research that makes up the rest of the process. Any removal company will know this and they will ultimately be doing their best to make your moving day run as smoothly as possible.

When it comes to packing most people think that it’s as simple as just putting a few things into boxes but anyone who has ever tried to transport their life from one home to anther will know that it’s an art form. A top tip is to hire a removal firm that offers packing materials as part of the deal as these can often be hard to come by in the quantity you’ll need. They may also be able to send someone out to help you pack, but if you are going it alone then here are a few top tips.

Start Early –

You may feel like you only have a few things and therefore it won’t take too long to pack them into boxes but it’s not until your start that you begin to realise the size of the mountain in front of you. If you start early and do a bit at a time then that way you won’t be rushing around nearer to your move and you won’t get too stressed having to do loads at once.

Pack Things In Sequence –

If you start packing anything that you can get your hands on in any order, or you try to find items that fit into a box together then you will give yourself twice as much work to do when you come to unpack. If you pack each room at a time and keep things together that will be stored together in your new home you will be able to unpack as systematically as you have packed.

Be Mindful Of What You’ll Need Immediately –

There will be certain things that you will need the use of as soon as you move in and others that it won’t matter if they are not unpacked for a few days. Keep in mind the things that you’ll want to use straight away such as the kettle, your wireless router and your pillows as there’s nothing worse than having to dig around in boxes if you fancy a well-earned cup of tea or even a nap.

Label Liberally –

You will save yourself plenty of time at the other end if you label every box as you go. This way you can sort your boxes into their relevant rooms and be able to unpack methodically; knowing exactly what’s in each one. Labelling will also help the removal men know if anything is fragile and they can even help you arrange things as they take them into your new home.

Don’t Waste An Opportunity TO Cleanse Your Closet –

As I mentioned before; it is not until you start trying to put your life into a small number of boxes that you realise how much stuff you actually own and therefore this is a great time to readdress this. Try to be as ruthless as possible when going through your wardrobe and be mindful of anything that you no longer wear or feel that you can do without. These items can then be sold online or given to charity shops in an attempt to cut down on the amount of stuff involved in the move. You could also do the same with anything else that you don’t feel you need anymore such as paperwork, CDs, DVDs and games.

About the Author

Chris Mayhew is a serial mover and knows exactly what it takes to pack effectively. He is writing on behalf of Intransit who are a removal company in Melksham, Wiltshire.

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