5 Outstanding Ways To Decorate An English Home Interior

by Editor on May 1, 2013


Do you feel that your house has become barren and dull? If yes, then you ought to think about some revival stuffs to provide an inviting and cozy ambiance  Why not go for an English home interior. Sounds good; yes, it is in fact. Warmth and comfort are two vitals for an English home decor. Here, it is imperative to think along the country style living rather than hovering the contemporary loft living.

1.    Make use of furniture items made from mahogany or oak. Make sure that the furniture pieces have detailed woodwork such as cruciform feet and carved legs. Make use of magnificent stuffs such as canopy bed, furnished chairs having ruffles and frills.

2.    Inculcate some nice and appealing floral themed items in your English home décor scheme. Here, you can make use of cotton rugs or carpets and blankets. In addition, cover your wall with enthralling floral wallpapers or some good floral based murals. You may also consider having floral themed decals.

3.    Try to balance or harmonize the floral materials with decor stuffs such as throw pillows may be plaid or striped ones. You even can play with window blinds here, but make sure that you choose the one that fits apt with the English décor theme. Always remember that an English home décor theme always has an assorted color palette and a choice of patterns, so you do not have to be apprehensive about clashing of themes here. So play with colors keeping in mind the theme and setting. Make sure to keep the backdrop to a country styled one.

4.    Make use of home decor accessories in a liberal manner. Exhibit some nice china collections on a murky wooden chest or display cabinets. In addition, arrange the floral prints or landscape images and watercolors framed in a dark wood across the walls. Also, flaunt a nice and elegant tea set made from copper or some fresh and adorable flowers in a nice porcelain vase on a desk and table.

5.    Stay away from bright or vibrant fluorescent lights when dealing with an English home décor theme. Instead, you can opt for some subtle and nice decorative lighting fixtures that offer a dim and warm lighting effect.

So now that you know about some simple basics of an English themed home decor, it is time to try your hands to carve one for yourself and live the country styled life.

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