5 Most Common Roofing Mistakes

by Editor on May 8, 2013


Do It Right

A roofing job needs to be done right or else it could cause problems for years to come. Water leaks, mold, loose and blown off shingles, are some of the problems caused by roofing mistakes. Unless done right, the cost of future damage repairs could be astronomical.

The Eaves Need Extra Care

Learning the most common roofing mistakes before starting a roof job will save a lot of work in the future. One of the biggest mistakes is starting the first row of shingles. A layer of eave and valley seal should be installed clear across the eaves. Then a starter row should be applied before installing the shingles. This helps prevent leakage due to ice and water build up at the eaves.

The Way To Nail

Another mistake in roofing renovation is improper nailing. Use the proper length roofing nail for the pitch of the roof, wind conditions, and roof overs. Nail the shingles in the spot according to roof pitch. Improper nailing and nails could void your insurance coverage due to wind or other damage.

Valleys Are Prone To Leakage

The valley on roofs is where another common mistake is made. A layer of eave and valley seal needs to be applied before the shingles. The valley seal needs the paper peeled off the back so it sticks where it is put. When coming to the valley, the shingles need cut at the angle on both peaks where they meet. Plastic roof cement needs to be put in this seam from top to bottom. Valleys are known water collectors so do this are right.

The Vents Need Proper Placement

Proper ventilation installation is a fourth mistake made on roofs. Venting needs to be applied from the soffits or gables and exhausted through the roof. If the vents are not installed at the right height, they could work against each other and cause premature damage to the roof. Always check with the manufacturer or a experienced roofer for the right positioning of the vents.

Capping Toward The Wind

Applying the cap wrong is another mistake an inexperienced roofer will make. These need to be applied staring away from the prevailing wind direction. With proper nailing and sealing, the cap pieces should stay in place in all but the highest winds. Improper installing will allow the wind to get under the caps and start lifting them off.

For A Long Lasting roof

Avoiding these 5 common roofing mistakes will help insure a roof with proper maintenance will last for many years. However, making one or several of these blunders could cause water damage which can lead to mold, rot, and termite damage. Doing the job right can protect the house as it was designed to do.

About the Author

Peter Wendt is a freelance article writer residing in Austin, TX.  He enjoys staying under the roof to let his mind wander.  Recently, the good weather has lead him outside to notice all the different roof designs on buildings.  He did a little research and recommends going to kiddroof.com for expert roofers to help you with your roofing job.

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