5 Key Attributes of Great Websites

by Editor on June 20, 2013

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These days, having a beautiful website is not all about the bells and whistles. Maybe 5 years ago, having a flashy site – a website literally programmed using the flash platform – was par for the course, but now this is not the case – not in the least. A website with lots of flash can be heavy, unintuitive, is hard to rank in most search engines and it looks old fashioned. Today, a beautiful website has a number of features that have to do more with functionality and purpose than aesthetics. Not that aesthetics are unimportant, but in order for a website to be truly great, it needs a few key elements, like great photos and full search optimization. Here are 5 key attributes of great websites.

  1. Content is king. When it comes to content you can’t just jumble a bunch of words and photos together and call it a day. Any web design company will tell you that content must be arranged in an organized and succinct way. Most websites today are offering a service or a product, so if you want to make a sale or attract more customers, your content has to be easy to read and navigate through.
  2. Simple aesthetics. Today, the most successful website is the simplest one. In fact, many companies are hiring consultants that can look at their website and find ways to cut the fat. When it comes to the look of your website, you don’t want a lot of flashing elements or parts of the website that move around. It should be static with clean lines and a simple color scheme. Having too many bright colors on your website can make it harder to navigate through, because people can become distracted. Black, white and greys are all great colors – with only a little splash of color here and there.
  3. Excellent functionality. When someone visits your website they don’t want to click on a link and then find a broken page or nothing at all. Moreover, people don’t want to click a link and wait forever for that specific page to load. When it comes to the functionality of your site everything should be in perfect working order and it should be intuitive. Intuitive functionality is critical when it comes to the modern web browser. There is no better way to lose a visit than by make it confusing to click around your site.
  4. Large, high definition photos. These days, when it comes to building a beautiful website, you need to have large photos – or at least thumbnails where visitors can blow the images up to view them full screen. It used to be that all the bells and whistles came first, so the images took a backseat, but now visitors are expecting to see nice, large photos.
  5. Search engine optimization. Again, all the flashy bells and whistles made it incredibly hard for search engines to rank your website higher in the rankings. This is because many search engines used automatic bots that crawl over a website to determine its relevance. With lots of flash elements, these bots have trouble reading your site. So, remember to build your website with SEO in mind.
photo by: Enokson

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