5 Interior Design Tips To Transform Your Bathroom

by Editor on April 2, 2013

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Bathrooms are one of the most frequently remodeled rooms in a home. Bathroom remodels can be done in one of two ways. The first involves a complete bathroom overhaul and may include expanding or even redesigning the entire room. The second aims to keep the bathroom up to date by making smaller changes over time, an inexpensive home improvement project. Although the first method has its merits, it is possible to get excellent results by making small interior design changes.

First do this: Choose a unifying theme

Current bathroom trends favor sleek natural stone, wood and glass elements, as well as creating a spa-like feeling in the bathroom. However, this style does not appeal to everyone. Before making any changes, think about which styles and colors you prefer. After all, it is your bathroom, and you should love it when you are done. Choosing a color and style scheme before you begin will make it easier to find the right accent pieces for your bathroom.

Second: Replace your old vanity

Since a vanity is one of the focal points of a bathroom, it should be kept up to date and replaced when needed. A chipped, worn or boring vanity can quickly age a bathroom. When replacing your vanity, look for something that offers both style and storage space. If your bathroom is large enough, adding a double vanity makes a bold statement. When you sell your home, a large double vanity may add value to your home and make it stand out. If you are replacing your vanity, you should also replace the mirror above it in order to ensure that part of the room has a similar look.

Then: Update your lighting

One of the most surprising bathroom trends of the past few years is the use of chandeliers in the bathroom. Chandeliers add a unique, romantic look to any room, but are not the right choice for every bathroom. However, do consider non-traditional and dynamic lighting fixtures for your bathroom. Recessed lighting and spotlights can also be very effective in the bathroom.

Fourth tip: Be bold with accessories

If you are limited in the types of changes you can make in your bathroom, then choose bold, eye-catching accessories to make the room stand out. Bright colors, interesting lines and unexpected elements add depth to your bathroom, even if you are unable to replace fixtures or change the paint color. Do not neglect the importance of artwork in the bathroom. It is a great way to help continue your theme.

Fifth, last but not least: Incorporate natural elements

Natural elements are extremely popular in bathroom design right now. Granite, marble and stone are all excellent choices for both vanities and flooring. Pairing a stone-topped vanity with a copper sink creates an elegant, modern look. Tile flooring is available in a variety of sizes and colors. Since stone is cold to the touch, installing radiant heat under the tile ensures your bathroom is always at the perfect temperature.

Your bathroom is likely the smallest room in your house, but that is no reason to overlook its appearance. Proper bathroom interior design can radically change the form and function of a bathroom. Since there are so many styles available in today’s market, you should be able to create a bathroom design you love.

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