5 Interior Design Ideas to Modernize Your Home

by Editor on September 3, 2013

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Style trends come and go very quickly every year. Whether you home is 10 years old or over 100 years old, you may find that design elements from your last home makeover are long overdue for a modern influence. Using modern design influences, you can easily bring your home back into the 21st century ad out of the dark ages. Here are 5 interior design ideas you can incorporate into your home’s living spaces in order to significantly modernize your home.

  1. Accents and accessories are ideal ways to easily and inexpensively add some modern flair to your home environment. You can start by adding simple, modern touches such as contemporary wall art or vibrant throw pillows with fun designs. Try to find modern pieces that will still compliment the style you currently have in your space at first. This will help you ease into a style change without having to commit completely or right away.
  2. Painting the walls is always an easy way to fix up your space and give it much-needed facelift! Paint can help to hide or eliminate signs of an aging home such as peeling paint or wallpaper, scratches, or holes. Be sure to cover any dents or gaps thoroughly first to ensure a clean, smooth, paint job. Then, choose a modern paint color from your local hardware store or home and garden center. You may stick to neutrals or go bold with a brightly colored accent wall. Use modern design photos from magazines or the Internet as sources of inspiration and guidance.
  3. Update old fixtures throughout your home. Often we forget about “ancient” light fixtures in bathrooms or rusty knobs and faucets around the house that can truly age our spaces significantly. Replace kitchen cabinet knobs with sleek stainless steel fixtures. Choose simple, elegant, modern lighting in your bathroom instead of fluorescent bulbs. Also consider a more modern statement chandelier to hang over your dining room table. All of these small changes will add up to more noticeable, dramatic results.
  4. Slipcovers can do wonders to modernize your home without requiring you to buy brand new furniture. Instead of tossing that old, stained couch or investing in a new dining room set, consider slipcovers instead. Slipcovers can bring new life to furniture that may have seen better days. It will give them a fresh, clean face that will be sure to add sophistication to any room.
  5. Use accent colors. Modern design is often defined by strong, glamorous pops of color among an otherwise clean and serene space. Use accent colors to liven up an old bookshelf with a new coat of bright paint. You may consider something vibrant like a yellow, orange or blue depending on your personal preference.

Transforming your old, dated home, into a new, modern living space does not have to be a difficult interior design process, nor does it have to cost a lot of time or money. Some simple changes to fixtures, paint, furniture, and accessories can make all the difference quickly and effectively.

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