5 Incredible Home Improvement Apps You Must Install Today

by Editor on May 16, 2013


Home improvement has gone to the next level thanks to mobile apps. These apps are very useful especially if you want to take charge of the redesigning, renovating or even repairing your home-with these apps you no longer have to seek services from a designer or a repairman to work on the simplest problems you have in your house.

But what are the best home improvement apps that you should install on your phone today? Here are the 5 that topped the list:

1. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D is one of the most useful apps that should be on your phone in case you’re the aspiring interior designer. With this app, you can easily see through your room space and create new life out of it.

So how does Home Design 3D work? First, you have to take a photo of the space that you are planning to redesign. The app will then scan and create a template out of that photo, and from there you can start looking for design ideas.

This app offers different features for you to design the template it made from your room’s scanned picture. You can select the color schemes, add furniture and decorations, and rearrange them accordingly until you find the design that fits. In essence, this app gives you a vision of what you want your room to look like the same way a designer does-only you do it on your phone.

2. Home Depot

Yes, Home Depot, the leading one-stop-shop for DIY projects, has its own app for you to use. This app is ideal for repairmen, or guys who want to take on the home repair tasks on their own.

In this app, you should first select a physical Home Depot branch before you can use its features. The reason for this is once you’ve used the features of the app, it will tell you whether the tools you selected are available on the branch you’ve chosen, and the other branch in which these materials can be purchased.

The Home Depot app has a lot of features you will definitely enjoy using. One of its best tools is the Calculator, which provides you with the dimensions of the walls, then tells you the kinds panels, screws, nuts and bolts, and joint tape to buy. This app helps in getting rid of estimation mistakes, and you already know exactly which items to buy in the store.

Another feature in the Home Depot app is the Toolbox. In this feature, you can browse on the different tools sold at the branch you’ve chosen earlier, including their dimensions and prices.

The app also has a video tutorials section. You may want to check out its tutorial videos especially when you are trying to learn to do a particular home improvement task. This section also has design ideas, which you can follow while doing your own styling projects.

3. Houzz

Houzz is another very popular app this time targeted to designers and homemakers who want to do the styling by themselves. If you have the knack for home decoration and design, then this is definitely the app to get.

The Houzz app serves more as a catalog of different home styling ideas, from the color schemes to the themes not only for the house as a whole, but for every room too. You can then search for a theme to follow on your bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room and even your home office. It also has outdoor styling ideas so that you can bring more life to your porch and yard.

The great thing about Houzz is that it also gives you details on how to style your home space, from the ornaments you may need to purchase as well as positioning the furniture, decorations and other elements to get that look you want.

4. ColorSmart

ColorSmart is a home improvement app that concentrates more on color schemes and shades. This is a very helpful app especially if you are looking for ideas to change the current hues in your room space. All you have to do is take a photo of the area you want to improve, and then the app will work on a template out of it so that you are able to make color selections on your phone.

ColorSmart has a huge collection of colors that you can use when working on a design template. In this app you can change the colors of the walls, floors and even the furniture pieces and accessories in the room space, thus giving you a sneak peek of how it will look like once these shades are applied.

ColorSmart also has a few color scheme templates also available for you to apply. These selections help in giving an instant picture of how the space will look in case you decide to follow a chosen scheme. The ease of use makes it one of the best Home Improvement Apps available.

5. Feng Shui Bagwa Map

Finally, there’s the Feng Shui Bagwa Map. This app is dedicated to the superstitious homeowners, or those who believe in luck and good fortune and would want to apply these on their home space.

Feng Shui is commonly sought by homeowners who want to make their homes more abundant and welcoming to prosperity. In this practice, the arrangement of the house it put into consideration, from the positioning to the way its elements are placed inside.

Using this app allows you to save time and money hiring a Feng Shui expert, as you are given ideas on how to bring in the good fortune inside your home. These include arranging the furniture in a rather conducive manner, adding certain decorations that make the home more charming to the gods, and as well tips on how now to let the prosperity vibes go away.

Having these apps on your phone gives you the edge in designing your home exactly the way you want it. You no longer have to rely on a designer, as you already know the tricks like the back of your hand.

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