5 Ideas For Decorating Your Kitchen Walls

by Editor on May 9, 2013


Renovating your kitchen can be a challenging but rewarding project. There are many ways to spruce up your kitchen décor; however the easiest way to do this is by decorating your walls. Larger kitchens often have partial areas of a wall that are plain and dull. Depending on the demensions of the kitchen, the addition of cabinetry or shelving may not be an option. This means the section of wall can be turned into a decorative feature. Here are five options that can be used to decorate your kitchen walls.


The use of paneling can include wood or a simple wainscoting. Paneling added to kitchen walls creates a raised effect. This depends on where the paneling is located. One option is to install wainscoting on a wall and adding a chair rail on top. This is a great way to prevent dents and scuff marks from appearing on the wall. Bead board or panels in a tongue and groove style can be used to cover a wall. The panels for a wall can also run from the ceiling down to the floor.


Real full-size brick does not need to be used to cover a kitchen wall. The best option is to add brick veneer. This is a good way to bring in a traditional look to a kitchen. Brick veneer is installed the same as full-sized brick. Mortar needs to be added between the brick, but an adhesive can be used on the wall. There will be a variety of styles and color choices available for brick veneer.


Applying wallpaper is a simple way to change the look of a wall or to add color to an otherwise boring looking kitchen. Wallpaper can be added to create a faux backsplash or to add a unique pattern. Adding a few rolls of an easy to apply wallpaper can easily add a visual punch for a focal wall. Another option is to use a combination of wallpaper and wainscoting. Styles of wallpaper can include floral, geometric shapes, and animal prints.


The application of tiles does not need to be limited to only the floor. Left over tiles from a bathroom or kitchen floor can easily be used to create a focal point in a kitchen. Tiles are routinely added for use as a backsplash. There are a variety of decorative tiles that can be used on a bare wall. The selection of tiles will includes glass, cork, mosaic, and standard ceramic. Home improvement stores have all types of tiles and some may even be on clearance.


Painting is a tried and true option for decorating walls in a kitchen. Various types of colors can be used to create a unique style or update an existing design. Paint can be applied with a brush, a roller, or with a sponge. One option is to use stencils to create patterns on a wall. Multiple layers can be used to make a visual statement. There are many options for using paint to decorate a kitchen wall.


Another easy way to decorate your kitchen walls is by adding some accessories. For instance decorative bowls and trays can be a nice touch. If you have enough space, hanging a wine rack may also be a viable option. Depending on the theme of your kitchen, finding pictures that match the decor can really add to the overall look and bring the room together nicely.

Decorating one or more walls in a kitchen can be done during a remodel or at any time an updated look or change is needed. Deciding on a design can be the most difficult part of the process. Once you have done that you are one step closer to your new kitchen.

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