5 Home Security Tips to Deter Burglars

by Editor on August 15, 2013

June 21, 2012

Your home should be a place where you and your family can feel safe and secure. Unfortunately, there are criminals out there who are interested in invading your home and your property in order to steal. Luckily there are several ways you can help protect your home from burglaries. Here are 5 home security tips to deter burglars.

  1. Don’t leave things out in the open. Often burglaries occur because desirable items are left out for anyone to see, including potential burglars. This doesn’t mean you have to bring in every single flowerpot or bench from your yard, but you should be cautious. Be sure to properly store any items that a person could easily walk away with such as a bike or a scooter. These items often lure burglars in and onto your property. In addition, pay attention to the kinds of cardboard boxes you leave out by the trash. If you just bought a new flat screen television set, leaving the box out in the open can be very enticing for a burglar. If you are going to recycle these, try to break these boxes up so that they cannot be identified from the street.
  2. Close your blinds and windows whenever necessary. Try opening your blinds and walking around outside. Observe what can be seen inside of your house from the street view. If expensive items like televisions or even jewelry on a dresser can be seen, try to keep the blinds closed more often, or move things around inside your home so that they are out of view. Keep valuable items out of plain sight or away from ground level windows.
  3. Make it look like you’re home, even if you’re not. Often burglars will only enter a home if they think the “coast is clear”. They usually don’t want a confrontation; they just want to be in and out quickly. To make it seem like you are home, be sure to keep a light on inside. You may also want to leave a television on, or light music playing for extra security.
  4. Fake them out. You may want to buy a security system, but it is sometimes almost as effective to just place a security system sign on your front lawn. This is an empty threat, but many burglars are not willing to risk tampering with a security system and so a sign will keep them away from your home.
  5. Don’t leave a spare key outside of your home. This is a common habit that many homeowners use because it is convenient and seems like a good idea incase you lose your keys or get locked out. Resist the temptation. Instead, give a copy of your keys to a close friend or a trusted neighbor. This way, you will have access to a key in case of an emergency, but you will not give burglars the opportunity to find a spare key under a doormat or a flowerpot.

When in doubt, it is always a smart idea to install a security system such asĀ ADT in Austin Texas. However, with or without a security system, you should be sure to employ any or all of these home security tips in order to deter burglars and keep your home as safe as possible.

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