5 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Floors Clean

by Editor on June 18, 2013

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Keeping the floors in a home clean will help to improve safety, the appearance of the room and health. Dirty floors and carpets could harbor allergens or particulates that trigger respiratory problems. A dirty floor could also be slippery because of the debris on the surface. Most families do not have the time to perform a complete and thorough cleaning each day. Fortunately, there are several tips that will help to keep floors clean on a daily basis.

Rugs and Mats

According to this page on TheMatFactory.com, one of the best ways to keep floors clean is to capture dirt and debris in high traffic areas before it is tracked throughout the home. Placing mats by the front door and the back door will keep dirt from the outside near the doors. It is also helpful to place mats in hallways or in high traffic rooms. This will prevent dust from being carried between different parts of the house. Rugs and mats are easy to clean and wash. People in the home should make it a habit to remove shoes while standing on one of these mats so that dirty footprints do not appear on the floor every time someone comes inside.

Sweep or Vacuum Often

Dirt and debris will accumulate in corners and on the floors naturally over time. Keeping the floors clean often means quickly sweeping or vacuuming the floors in order to prevent a large buildup of dirt. Even a thin layer of debris has the potential to start grinding into the floor as people walk on the surface. This will wear down the finish or cause staining in carpets. This type of damage is difficult to remove without professional assistance. Taking a minute to sweep or vacuum will keep the floors in good condition.

Use the Right Cleaners

Not all floors will benefit from the same type of cleaners. Linoleum, hardwood and stone tile all require different cleaners for the best results. Using the wrong cleaner could warp a flooring material, damage the finish or even cause staining. Choosing a cleaner that is designed specifically for one type of material will help to protect the floor from dirt and wear in the future.

Deal With Spills Immediately

Any spills that occur during the day should be handled immediately. Allowing a spill to sit on the floor and dry slowly could cause damage to certain types of materials. The dried area could attract dust or pests depending on what was spilled. Water has the potential to cause hardwood floors to warp. All spills should be immediately cleaned. The area should be wiped down until it is dry. Spills that involve food or sugary drinks should be treated with a cleaner as well.

Create Open Spaces

Dirt and debris tend to accumulate on floors underneath of furniture or around the edges of objects in the room. Keeping the floors clean should involve removing extraneous items from the room and creating open spaces. A cluttered room will require frequent cleanings because there are more areas for dirt to gather. Dirt will not be as problematic in a room that is uncluttered with open spaces.

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