5 Easy and Cost Effective Bathroom Updates

by Editor on August 3, 2013

Bathroom Update

Many homeowners aim to improve the design and function of their bathroom spaces. These changes often produce a good return on investment and can improve the overall quality of a home if done properly and purposefully. Fortunately, updating your bathroom does not mean you need to do a complete overhaul or spend a ton of money. There are several simple and relatively inexpensive ways to jazz up your bathroom space without breaking the bank. Here are 5 easy and cost effective bathroom update ideas for your bathroom space.

  1. Choose white as your accent color. White can really make a bathroom look clean and can help it to pop. You can choose a color on the walls for an even more dramatic impact. Choose a white toilet, tiles along your shower or even the walls, the tub, the sink and even cabinets. Buying white appliances not only look better than colored ones, but also they are cheaper since companies and manufacturers produce and sell these in bulk. For any fixtures in your space that are wood such as a cabinet or closet, you can easily give it a spruced up look with a fresh coat of white paint.
  2. Paint the walls. This is the simplest way to transform a space and give it a much-needed face-lift! Bathrooms should usually be painted with light, relaxing colors such as a pale blue or a light yellow. When choosing paint for your bathroom walls, also be sure that the paint you purchase is mold and mildew proof since bathrooms are often steamy and warm. This will also ensure the paint does not peel or wear down over time.
  3. Update hardware fixtures in your bathroom. The quickest way to give your space a much more modern and updated feel is to switch out the fixtures. Purchase new fixtures throughout your space such as shower-heads, cabinet handles and knobs, faucets, light switch plates, and more. Choose brushed nickel or stainless steel for the best visual impact and quality.
  4. We all have so many products in our bathrooms, it’s often hard to keep track! An easy way to improve the look of your bathroom and stay organized is to clear off your counter spaces! Make sure that you have efficient and easy to access storage so that you and your family will be more likely to put things away and keep your bathroom organized. A great idea is to install a sliding, pullout shelf under your sink if there is space available. This way your products and items won’t be hidden in the dark abyss of a cluttered drawer, nor will they litter your countertops.
  5. Give your old medicine cabinet the boot! Instead instantly give your bathroom a high style feel with a new mirror. Find a large mirror that will help to make the space in your bathroom seem larger and brighter. Make sure that your mirror has a solid frame in a material such as stainless steel or a solid, stained wood.

All of these inexpensive and simple changes will help to give your bathroom a more sophisticated feel without paying for an entireĀ bathroom renovation. Making simple changes such as painting, changing fixtures, buying a new mirror, and storing products properly can dramatically change your bathroom space and update the overall look in an impressive way.

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