5 Duct Cleaning Tips for Your Heating and AC Vents

by Editor on September 18, 2013

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The air ducts in your home carry air throughout your home from your heating and cooling system to ensure that your home maintains a comfortable temperature. In order to ensure that these systems continue to work flawlessly and effectively, you need to have your ducts cleaned and maintained regularly in order to preserve the quality of your heating and AC vents. Here are 5 duct-cleaning tips for your home.

  1. It is important that you assess your air ducts for mold regularly. Mold is a sign that moisture is collecting in an area that is not well ventilated. The presence of mold in your ducts could result in wide spread home and health issues since the air that passes through the mold infested ducts then pushes air throughout your home that is filled with mold spores. Mold can cause serious lung and breathing issues for you and your family. When checking for mold, look for it on hard surfaces of the air duct or near and around the heating and cooling systems of your home. If you can see the mold, you will know to address it. However, sometimes mold is not visible to the naked eye or is in areas that are difficult to access. Therefore, you should hire a professional to assess the condition of your ducts with a lab analysis. Serious mold removal is not usually a DIY project, so be sure to hire a professional who can handle the issue appropriately and correctly.
  2. Check your ducts for build up, debris or clogs. These issues could prevent air from passing through and reaching the rooms of your home. Also it may cause particles to be released into the air, contaminating it. You may be able to clean some minor clogs on your own with a vacuum extension or even a cloth in easy to access areas. If clogs seem to be a large problem it is wise to hire a duct cleaning service to regularly (perhaps once a year) come in a clear out your vents. These services are often inexpensive and shouldn’t cost you much more than $100.
  3. Another option to help keep your ducts clean is to change the furnace filters. This should be done regularly to keep the heating and cooling systems working properly and maintain proper airflow. Purchasing new furnace filters is much more affordable than hiring a vent cleaning service and is a proactive way to keep vents clear and open. You can also have your furnace cleaned annually for optimal results.
  4. Check the connections of your air vents. Inspecting the outside of the vent can help you to assess the vent quality tremendously. Sometimes gaps may develop in the vent, causing airflow to reduce, and letting debris enter the vent. You can easily tape these areas with a heat-approved tape as a first step in order to observe if that may be causing the clogging in your vents.
  5. Tap the vents in different areas along your vents. This can help you to find blockages in the vents that you may not be able to see or access on your own. A hollow sound implies that the vent in that area is clear. However, if you hear a more solid thud, you can assume something is in the vent that is causing a blockage.

All of these tips will help you to identify any duct issues in order to keep them clean and clear without needing to know the details about how an air conditioner works. You may be able to identify issues on your own and subsequently hire a professional as needed to solve blockages or even to handle mold removal.

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