5 Door-Related Tips To Help You Secure Your Home Better Against Burglars

by Editor on May 8, 2013

A is for Access

Doors are your first line of defense against unwanted visitors looking to break into your home. It really doesn’t matter if you’ve got the most expensive of the lot or the latest security devices set up to protect them with. As long as you don’t know the following tips to help you secure your home better against burglars, your odds of getting broken into are still very much high:

Hollow doors are a no-no.

Getting solid doors should be absolutely on top of your security system checklist if you’re looking to get the most protection from them. Sure their hollow counterparts may cost only a fraction and don’t weigh as much but the drawback is that they can be easily infiltrated by criminals using a crowbar or a car jack. Go for doors that are manufactured from solid wood, fiberglass or reinforced metal to keep burglars out effectively each and every time.

Keep clear from dog or cat doors.

While it is alright to have a family pet, installing doors that have openings specifically made for cats and dogs can instantly put your dwelling at risk of being broken into by intruders at some point. Apart from having most of the work cut out for them, criminals only have to widen the sides of these pet doors to gain easy access into your home.

Although there may be several techniques you can use to secure them, it is still better to pick regular solid doors (like the ones I have pointed out earlier) to give your best possible home security your property deserves.

Go for deadbolt locks as much as possible.

Sure you can easily get your hands on the most cutting-edge security devices available these days that basically work via remote control or through a push of a button, but choosing deadbolt locks is still your smartest choice if you’re aiming to make your home as secure as possible against break-ins.

Apart from being made from extremely durable materials, these babies are virtually impossible to tear down as long as they are properly installed. Just for emphasis, always choose the ones with grade 1 security rating on them.

Change the locks immediately if you’re not the original homeowner.

Make it a point to change the locks on all the doors (and windows, too, while you’re at it) to make sure that you won’t be expecting unwanted visitors one day. Although it’s highly unlikely that the original occupants may be dropping by your place anytime soon, it’s still not impossible that someone with criminal intentions could use the old keys to get inside your dwelling and steal your valuables. It doesn’t hurt to be extra sure when it comes to your home’s security.

Replace flimsy strike plates with tougher ones.

No matter how durable your deadbolt lock is, burglars can still break into your home easily if your strike plates are not that tough in terms of size and thickness. Make sure they are made from heavy duty metal and are secured with long screws into the door frame itself instead of only the jamb so they won’t loosen unexpectedly sooner or later. You can have your strike plates inspected by a dependable locksmith to make sure that they are really up to the job.

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