5 Common Home Maintenance Issues and How to Prevent Them

by Editor on June 29, 2013


Owning a home is a wonderful accomplishment. For many, it signifies not only being a property owner but making a wise future investment too. Plus, there’s nothing like coming home each day to a place that you can confidently call your own.

Yet, if you asked a group of homeowners if there is one thing that they miss about renting an apartment or house, they would probably tell you that it was great having a landlord because when you’re renting out a place, they are the ones who are responsible for the maintenance. However, when you own a home, you are.

That’s actually what this article is all about. We simply wanted to take out a moment to discuss some of the more common home maintenance issues that many homeowners have along with some tips on how to prevent them; that way, you can be better prepared and save some money at the same time.

A toilet tank that continues to refill (without your help). Pretty much all of us have experienced a time or two when we’ve heard our toilet filling up even without us flushing it. If you allow it to continue to happen, it can end up costing you on your electricity bills. Two things that you can try is untangling or loosening up the chain (it might be keeping the flap from moving properly) or bending the tube that is connected to the float ball. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the valve altogether.

Dairy products going bad. Sometimes people will purchase things like milk and yogurt, put them in the refrigerator and yet, when they take them out to eat, they notice that they have gone sour even before the expiration date. At some point, you might need to purchase a new refrigerator but a quick fix involves purchasing a refrigerator thermometer so that you can manually adjust the setting. They cost less than $10 and it might actually resolve the issue.

A high electricity bill. If you notice that it’s been getting harder and harder to keep your house cool or warm, it might be due to the fact that there are some small cracks or holes around your window sills or doors. Wait until sunset, turn out the lights in the rooms of your house and look for little signs of light. In those areas, apply a bit of caulking. That should do the trick.

Peeling paint. Say that you see a house in a Dallas flat fee MLS listing that you really like and during the inspection, you notice some peeling paint. This could be an indication that there either a leaking gutter or it could be a room that is next to a bathroom. It might just be a matter of removing the loosened paint, priming the bare spots and then repainting the wall. However, have an inspector or contractor confirm this. If you wait too long, you might have to patch up and then repaint the entire house which could easily run you into the thousands.

Mildew. If your house has a musty smell that won’t seem to go away, it could be a sign of mildew. By purchasing a fan in the summer time to blow in the room (that smells) or a dehumidifier in the winter, that should dry the area out. For more information on how to remove mildew, go to How Stuff Works and put “how to remove mildew” in the search field.

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