5 Cheap and Easy Interior Design Trends for Fall

by Editor on October 10, 2013


Every so often it’s nice to spruce up your home with minor cosmetic changes like new paint, carpeting, or decor. But if you live in the same place for a while, or you’ve recently moved into a new home, then you may be considering more complex upgrades to your space. If you don’t have the budget to go for an all-out renovation, though, there are still plenty of options for interior design that will help you to achieve the functional and beautiful space you’ve been dreaming of. And since design trends change frequently, it may help you to understand what is current in the world of interior design. So here are just a few timely trends for this fall that you may want to take advantage of when you’re planning your new interior design.

  1. Upcycling. The “everything old is new” mantra has long influenced the world of design as professionals take inspiration from those that came before. And luckily for you, this means that you can scratch your eco-friendly itch by utilizing reclaimed products even as you create an entirely new look for your home. But rather than simply giving a second life to recycled furniture, fixtures, cabinetry, and other design materials, consider how these products might be upcycled, or made even better than they are. For example, an old headboard could be cut in half to make a unique bench, a number of different cane back chairs could be painted the same color to form a cohesive dining set, or cabinetry could be upgraded with reclaimed doors and drawers and antique hardware. Upcycling is a great way to get the new look you want with less waste, pollution, and cost. And you’ll have the opportunity to get creative with your decor.
  2. Natural products. Wood and stone have always been popular elements in the home, but instead of lacquered floorboards, treated stone, and painted cabinets, the popular look for fall is all-natural. This means untreated wood products (no paint, stain, or lacquer) and stone that at least appears untreated. In truth, you may have to seal these products in order to protect them, but to follow the trend choose unobtrusive finishes (like matte sealants) that won’t take away from the natural beauty of your materials.
  3. Floral prints. You’ve no doubt noticed celebs like Kim Kardashian, Lena Dunham, and Adele sporting floral print dresses at award shows and other events throughout the year, and you’ll often find that trends cross over from one field of design to another. In this case, the floral trend looks to be big for furniture, wallpaper, and other types of interior design.
  4. Lacquer. Candy-coated cabinets were a big trend in 2012, and now it looks like other surfaces are getting the high-shine treatment, although maybe not where you’d expect. Glossy materials and shiny lacquers are populating not only furniture and flooring, but also walls and even ceilings. With a bright pop of color and outrageous shine you can definitely make a statement.
  5. Black and white. With a little help from a firm like Atlanta custom interiors you can get the interior overhaul you’re seeking, but you’re still going to have to make some decisions along the way. And if choosing colors for your interior is a little scary, simply go traditional with a black and white motif. You can still add color to your design through small items of decor that are easy and inexpensive to replace if you change your mind.
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