5 Benefits of Solar Air Conditioning for Homeowners

by Editor on November 4, 2013

AZARNG solar air conditioning

Energy costs are consistently and drastically rising, and so the cost of owning and maintaining a home is becoming unaffordable for many homeowners. When we rely on traditional forms of power, many of us feel stuck and trapped in an endless cycle of using, wasting, and paying. Luckily solar power is a feasible, alternative option for many homeowners to power a home and especially to power cooling systems such as air conditioning. Many homeowners are hesitant to use AC because it uses so much energy in the form of fossil fuels. However, solar power air conditioning provides many benefits for homeowners including these 5 advantages.

1.  Solar power for air conditioning is more affordable to install than ever before. The solar technology is so advanced already and so manufacturers have focused more on making the technology affordable for the average homeowner in order to expand the use of solar power over traditional fossil fuel power. Not only is installation of panels for solar AC reasonable, but you will also be eligible for various government tax cuts, rebates and other incentives which have been put in place to encourage Americans to take advantage of the benefits of solar power for their home.

2.  Once installed, solar power is free. This means you can use as much power as you are able to harness from the sun’s rays. In the summer months, when the temperature is hot and you need to use your air conditioning most, this is simple! In the summer your home will have a lot more exposure to the sun’s strong rays especially because the days are longer and there are more hours of sunlight. This means you will be able to crank the AC all summer long without feeling guilty about damaging the environment, wasting energy, or a huge energy bill from the electric company.

3.  Help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint. Traditional energy sources such as electric, gas, and oil, use fossil fuels, which are non-renewable resources. Using them in excess harms the environment and can impact the ozone layer negatively in the atmosphere. Solar power on the other hand only uses energy provided from the sun and is a renewable resource you can feel good about using.

4.  Solar powered AC requires minimal maintenance. Instead of worrying about having to have a professional come in for regular cleanings or maintenance work, solar paneling which powers your AC unit is simple and requires little to no repairs or maintenance through the panels’ lifetime. The only thing you will need to do is sweep and clear away any debris, snow, leaves or other items that may be on top of the panels so that sunlight can still directly reach the panels and be absorbed.

5.  Solar paneling is a wise investment. Plus, it can increase the value of your home significantly. Not only will potential buyers be pleased to see that you home already has air conditioning installed, but also they will be thrilled to know that it is power by solar energy, meaning they can keep the home cool for free! This will set your home apart from the competition as a great, luxury feature.

Instead of being overly concerned about ways to reduce your water bill, you can cut waste and cost by installing solar air conditioning in your home. This is the best time to invest in solar paneling since it is more affordable than ever. In addition, you will drastically cut your energy bills each moth, reduce your negative impact on the environment, minimize home maintenance needs, and increase the value and marketability of your home.

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