5 Benefits of Installing Timber Windows in Your Home

by Editor on September 3, 2013

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If you’re looking to tackle a home renovation project that adds value and curb appeal to your home while simultaneously helping to reduce some other expenses, you should probably consider upgrading your windows. Old windows aren’t constructed to live up to today’s energy efficiency standards, which means they are directly contributing to your elevated utility bills. Regardless of which brand you choose for your upgrades you will certainly see a difference, but have you ever considered timber? There are plenty of materials you could utilize for your new windows, but this one might be the best option out there. Here are five of the benefits of installing¬†timber windows¬†in your home.

First of all, timber just looks better. This isn’t a question of vanity, although curb appeal should clearly be a factor in your decision. Regardless of the age of your home wood offers a classic, timeless feel. Timber windows also come in all sorts of colors, styles and finishes. You can pick up something that’s completely traditional, and yet still be able to locate more contemporary options that will fit with modern construction. As far as versatility is concerned you’ll be in great shape.

Wood windows have also been shown to add real, measurable value to a home. After several real estate studies it has been found that PVC-based windows actually devalue your home. If you live in a high end neighborhood you might find your property value dropping by a not insignificant amount. This is especially true if the windows you are replacing were wood to begin with. Try to maintain the same building materials if at all possible and you’ll break even at the very least.

The benefit of timber windows goes well beyond neighborhood property values. Another reason timber is a great choice is because it will last you far longer than windows made from anything else. Cheaper materials may cost you less at the beginning, but you should keep an eye on the value over the life of your home. Since timber windows will last you years longer than windows made of other materials, the cost per year is significantly lower. You’re investing in the long term maintenance of your home, and that’s always the smart move to make.

Aside from longevity, those timber windows are also incredibly energy efficient. Wood is one of the best insulators in existence. It has a seriously low level of thermal conductivity. So paired with a strong sealant around the edges you’ll lose very little internal heating and cooling to the outside world. You should also be able to find timber windows that come Energy Star rated, which basically guarantees you’ll reduce your bills by as much as 10% that very first month you have them installed.

Finally, timber windows are a sustainable choice for the environment as well. You can find timber options that are at least partially recyclable, which means fewer trees are cut down. If you really want to protect the world’s natural resources, look for windows that come guaranteed not to be constructed using trees from old growth forests. Timber windows will lower your carbon footprint, while bringing fewer manmade and potentially toxic materials into your home.

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