5 Benefits of Having a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

by Editor on June 20, 2013

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If you’re preparing to put your house on the market and you’ve already spoken to a real estate agent about it, one of the things that they probably recommended is that you consider doing what is known as a pre-listing home inspection.

If you’re curious to know about what some of the benefits are that come with taking that approach (as opposed to having the prospective buyers bring their own inspector over to the home or listing the house as an “as is” sale), there are actually several. We’re provided you with five of them below:

You will know ahead of time what all of the problems are. The greatest benefit to having a pre-listing home inspection is that you’ll know ahead of time what needs to be worked on within the house in order to speed up the sale and increase your property value. As an added bonus, if there are immediate concerns such as a radon leak or some faulty electrical wiring, knowing this can prevent you and your family from experiencing any at-home hazards.

It can happen around your own schedule. Being that you are taking the steps to have your home inspected, you can schedule a home inspector to come out at your convenience. In doing so, you can walk through the house with the inspector, which is not something that the seller can usually do when the buyer uses their own inspector. That way, you can have any misstatements immediately corrected on the inspector’s report.

You can figure out a reasonable asking price. Since you are going through the inspection for yourself, you don’t have to simply rely on the real estate agent’s estimate of what your house is worth. If there are several problems that exist, you can decide if you want to fix them so that you can ask for more money for your home or leave them alone and lower the cost. Either way, it helps to keep you in better (financial) control.

It prevents the deal from going sour. If you asked some home inspection services about the advantages that come with having a pre-listing home inspection, one of the things that they would probably tell you is that it can prevent a sale from going sour. There are a lot of people who will put a house on the market and have a prospective buyer make an offer only for them to rescind once their own inspector brings certain things to their attention that you may not have known about. Indeed, one of the best things about a pre-listing home inspection is that it keeps you from being caught off guard. You’re fully aware of all that is going on inside of the house which can make you more confident during showings.

You are protected from future legal claims. And finally, a pre-listing inspection can make last-minute negotiations easier. Plus, being that it provides what is known as “full disclosure protection”, you will not have to deal with any future legal claims from the buyer should they find certain repairs to be something that they do not want to pay for. As you can see, a pre-listing inspection benefits you, the seller, all the way around.

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