5 Backyard Shed Storage Organization Tips

by Editor on October 23, 2013

The backyard & the storage shed

Here’s the interesting dilemma that a lot of us have when it comes to our garages and backyard sheds: although we are thankful to have the extra space, many of us tend to fall into the habit of simply “throwing things” in there. Then, when we need to find some gardening tools or some sporting equipment, we find ourselves frustrated and wishing that we had organized everything in the first place.

If you can relate, then take out a moment to check out our five top tips for properly and effectively organizing your backyard shed storage. That way, when you go inside, you can spend a couple of minutes as opposed to an hour sorting through everything:

Throw some stuff out. There is no point in organizing your shed if a lot of what is inside of it consists of things that you don’t need in the first place. So before you do anything else, take out a few hours (if not an entire weekend) to throw some things out, put them aside to give to Goodwill or to take to a recycling center. This step alone will energize you for the following steps.

Add some shelves (preferably the metal kind). Something that you can do to free up the space on the floor is to add some shelves on the walls. Just make sure that you go with some metal ones. Not only do they tend to be more resistant to humidity, but their little slits also make it easier for sun to filter through them.

Purchase some clear storage boxes. Thanks to shops like the Container Store, you don’t have to use cardboard boxes to pack up your seasonal items. With the clear plastic ones that they have, you can easily see through them which makes it more convenient to walk directly to the box that you want to get what you need.

Use some hooks for your hoses. One thing that just about every home has is a hose (if not a few hoses). But if it is simply laying on the ground, not only is that an easy way for you to trip but also to damage the hose. A simple remedy is to get some hooks that you can hang on the wall of your shed. The large kind that you can hang at a steep angle will prevent the hose from slipping off.

Create a space for your smaller items. Say that you purchased your shed at Asgardand when you spoke with the sales associate about some organizing tips, they told you to designate a special place for your smaller items. That’s actually some really good advice. While you could go with a traditional tool hanger (it’s basically a device that lets you put your tools in one at a time so that you can easily choose the one that you want), another cool option is to go with a magnetic hanger. It literally allows you to place the metal part of your tool onto it so that once you’re done, you can clean it off and stick it back onto the hanger again. For more information on magnetic hangers for your tools, visit your local hardware store.

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