5 Awesome Suggestions For Your Indoor Bar

by Editor on May 9, 2013

The Cactus Bar

A visit to pub or nightclub has become an expensive affair these days, but this should not sway you away from the fun and thus, having an indoor bar counts today. This is the reason why an increasing number of homeowners are integrating indoor bars in their homes to boost the property’s value as well as to save money.

It is just a matter of few simple tricks and you can transform an unused space in your home into a nice and active indoor bar where your family and friends can enjoy a sip of your favorite wine. Most importantly, I would like to tell you that indoor bar is not a thing for the rich only, as you too can have it.

  • Plan

The very imperative aspect for building an indoor bar is to plan the space adequately. Bigger homes might benefit by adding a long and refined bar, but note that grand furnishing is apt only for sufficient space to allow the guests to mingle and enjoy the drink. Make sure that you plan for other stuffs such as toilet facilities, chairs, tables and games. Devise an organized plan prior to commencing the task and avoid overshooting the budget.

  • ¬†Materials and Design

Your indoor bar itself should be the core feature thus, be cautious about its appearance, materials you will use and the size of your bar. This is quite essential if you wish to integrate the bar into an already existing space of your house. Though you have the option to go for natural indoor bars that come with the storage space in pre-built format, but you always can save a good deal of money by building your indoor bar on your own. Walnut bars no doubt are an expensive thing, but you have some good and cheap options that come with realistic coverings. These look amazing if you complement them with the right kind of furniture and flooring items. As for your floor, consider having a lavish and washable area rug to render an elegant and cozy feel to the bar.

  • Furnishing

You can render a realistic appearance to your indoor bar by including a nice display of visual servers over your bar area and add your preferred tipples there in order to pour the drinks easily. Make sure to add peanut dishes and beer mats for completing the bar look.

  • Games

Even a small sized indoor bar can accommodate some gaming. So have some dominoes or packs of cards on the table. Nevertheless, if you have a bit extra space available, then prefer adding a football table or pool for the guests to try a few hands. Other suggestions include video games and pinball machines.

  • Idiot Box (TV)

Though called as an idiot box, but a TV is sure to complete your indoor bar. What could be more enjoyable then enjoying your beer watching your favorite football game on the TV with your buddies.

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