4 Ways To Say Goodbye To The Scorching Heat In The Yard And House

by Editor on May 21, 2013

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Well it is that time of the year again when you have to be ready with your sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and shorts to welcome the scorching heat and think of innumerable ways to let your skin stay away from it. Yes summer is back and while many people are of the opinion that natural sunlight is good for the skin, far too many dermatologists are of the opinion that skin should be prevented from direct blazing heat as it does far more bad than good. So here we have the best four tips to prevent you from burning your skin and getting a tan this season, especially when you feel like relaxing in your yard or the safe haven of your house:

1. The beach umbrella: The first thing that all of us think about are the traditional way of preventing the heat, yes the same old umbrella and a beach chair. With a cost ranging between $35 to $110, you can get a variety of shapes, designs and colors in the market. Add to that it is very convenient to reposition them as and when the sun changes its direction.

2. The long lasting patio Umbrella: Even though the beach umbrella can be an ideal choice for many, the patio umbrella cannot be ignored when it come to making the perfect style statement in your yard. Available in various colors, these umbrellas work wonders under the Sun and the only thing you need to worry about is their quality since low quality umbrella tend to tear away in case of strong wind. You might be expected to spend anything from $50 to $ 500 to get hold of one.

3. Get awnings: Even though the umbrellas can be the ideal choice when you feel like spending a day in your yard, they are of no use within the house. This is when you can take the help of awnings or your doors as well as windows. While you need to spend anything from $150 to $500, you can expect to be glare and heat free for the rest of the summer with style. Based on your convenience, you can go for a fixed awning or a detachable one too. Then there are the retractable awnings as well that can easily be put up and then can be retracted within a few minutes and give complete prevention to you.

4. The sun preventive shades: These shades have recently become quite popular owing to their convenient designs and a strong structure. It is a great way to be away from direct sunlight and gives a great protection. While one will need to invest in its materials that might be required for construction and poles, they are pocket friendly with a person having to shell $50 to $200 to get it.

With these simple tips, expect to save a ton on those costly sun prevention equipments and enjoy the summer as you had never done before. Call in your friends or be ready for an amazing cocktail afternoon right within your yard and enjoy the Sun.

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