4 Tools To Upgrade Your Stone-Age Security System

by Editor on May 6, 2013

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My mother lives in an older neighborhood, and every time I stop by for a visit, I worry about her safety. To me, and for many of us, we have the mentality that older homes are more vulnerable to crime. But luckily, the home security industry is always pumping out new technologies to beat crime into submission. So, don’t get stuck in the dark age of home security. If you have an older home, or just want to use sweet high-tech tools to defend your home, here are a couple cheap upgrades to the security syste, you can make.

1. Garage door openers

Who would’ve thought that even these little guys have gotten smarter over the years? I never knew that pressing a single button could be so cool. Nowadays, you can purchase smart garage door openers for cheap for better home security and convenience. These can wirelessly connect to your home’s internet router so you can open or close your garage door from online or from a smart phone app. This is a great way to let family in and out of the house if someone forgets a key, or if you have workers (like a maid) come by every so often, you can let them in like this instead of giving them a key. These new openers can even give you stats, such as when the garage door was open and how long it was left open for.

2. Contact alarms

These just seem to be getting cheaper everyday and provide great coverage for your home. You can protect any door or window frame with contact alarms. These can come at a very cheap price (some as low as $10 for a pack of 4 contacts) and are easy to mount. You can arm these when you are away with the touch of the button to have them sound an alarm when unwanted entrances occur. And don’t worry, these are all wireless devices that won’t clutter up your home with ugliness.

3. Security cameras

Yes, I know these have been around for a while now, but just like garage door openers, they’ve gotten smarter overtime. Rather than trying to install an obnoxiously large camcorder to your ceiling, invest your money towards a new design. There are many sleek cameras to choose from that offer many options. If you want to protect your home on the outside, you can purchase a weatherproof camera that has nifty night-vision to keep intruders at bay. You can even get cameras that only film when motion is detected to help yourself save energy. There are even cameras out there that allow you to stream high-definition live footage. These are even better than having eyes in the back of your head.

4. Smart phone apps

In the age of apps, there are many companies that utilize the potential of smart phones.  Companies like Smith Monitoring provide this service to give users the power of remote access. This allows people to lock doors, control thermostat and electrical appliances, and control so much around their home from anywhere in the world. With remote access to your home from your smart phone, you can stay in touch with everything that is going on to help you better secure your home.

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