4 Things You Must Make Sure You Do When Finishing Construction On A Bathroom

by Editor on May 24, 2013

The Shower Room

During the construction process there comes a time where you are a bit overwhelmed and unaware of things that need to be done next. Little, yet vital tasks often go overlooked. However, when remodeling and adding on a bathroom, and you reach the final stages, here are some of the things that shouldn’t go overlooked and should be considered before finalizing your project.

Proper Flooring Care

Depending on the type of flooring you installed in your bathroom would depend on the care you would have to give it. When the installation is done, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need care or attention. Flooring materials such as tile and stone would need to be sealed whereas vinyl wouldn’t. Understand what type of flooring you have and ask your contractor or go to a local home improvement store for more information. Ask them what action is needed to be taken to properly care for it and how often that needs to be done. Most of the common flooring materials that are installed in a bathroom take minimal care.


It is vital that you caulk around the appropriate fixtures. If you fail to do so, it can result in leaks and potentially bigger problems down the road. You would need to caulk around fixtures such as shower heads and valves, faucets, bathtubs, and toilet. Without this action being taken you can ultimately have problems that will cost much more of your time and money. In fact, when you don’t caulk around these essentials, it will not look fitted in your bathroom. The only areas that need caulking are where the toilet, tub, or fixtures meets a surface and there is a visible crack. Buy a white or clear caulking, depending on your flooring, walls, and counter top type.

Counter Tops

Like your floor, your counter tops also need caring for. Make sure you understand what type of caring your counter tops require. Ask the merchant or the contractor about what cleaning products to use and whether or not the counter tops need to be sealed. Materials such as granite, marble, and tile must be sealed and you should be warned to not lay certain products on them for a long period of time.

Working Order

It is important to double check if all shower faucets and fixtures are in working order. Make sure you do this prior to finalizing any work with the contractors. Be sure to not only check whether it is working but also make sure you check the water pressure. Often times the water pressure may not be as expected or even working as it should be. Check this now to not add on any extra costs in the future. Some toilets and even the shower head may have an option to change the pressure, be sure to check out all the options.

In addition to these tips, make a list of the all the necessary things to check. Although, don’t wait for it to be too late, start your list when the project begins and as the job progresses, you can mark them off as complete.

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