4 Savvy Home Protection Strategies That Always Work

by Editor on May 20, 2013

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In this day and age where digital home security systems and remote control protection tools are king, it’s still very important to know a few proven strategies if you’re looking to keep your dwelling out of harm’s way each and every day.

Sure you may have already access to the most cutting-edge security devices available but giving the following savvy techniques a spin will definitely make your home a fortress against burglars and other unwanted visitors in no time at all:

Let there be light.

Having enough illumination in and around your property is perhaps one of the most effective break-in deterrents ever. Make it a point to keep the outside of your home as well-lit as possible to keep intruders from dropping by anytime soon.

Have the lights installed in a way that you can easily get a clear view of your lawn or porch from the inside. While this means having to dish out a few more dollars on your monthly utility bill, it still beats losing a number of valuable items due to a break-in.

Don’t announce your upcoming vacation.

The next time you’re going away for a vacation, make sure you only tell close family and friends about it or else you’re already putting your home at risk of being broken into by thieves. Authorities claim that criminals always tend to exploit friendly chatter to zoom in on opportunities where they can break into a certain property.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re just getting a haircut or perhaps ordering a burger at your local deli. Always keep in mind to avoid getting chummy with strangers and give them an idea about your upcoming getaway. Criminals have informants in the unlikeliest of places and you can easily lose all of the valuable stuff in your home just because you got too talkative at some point.

Give people the notion that your home is always occupied.

There will come a time when you have to be away from your home for a very long period and simply not taking care of a few things beforehand can lead to disaster when you return. Should you need to go on a week-long business trip or any similar journey, make sure you give the people around you the illusion that your home is still as occupied as ever.

Make use of programmable lights and radios to make this ploy as believable as possible. Schedule them to switch on during specific times like late in the evening or early morning to give your neighbors (and possible thieves staking out a target) the idea that your home is bustling with activity.

Conceal your valuables from the outside.

Keep in mind to use thick drapes to hide your valuable stuff from prying eyes, especially in rooms where expensive appliances and electronics are usually located like the living room and den. Allowing people outside to freely see your stuff is just like deliberately daring criminals to ransack your home.

Moreover, it’s also very crucial to avoid leaving items of value lying around your porch or lawn at any time. It could give thieves the notion that there are still nicer things inside your home ready for the picking.

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