4 Hassle-Free Ways to Make a Room Seem New

by Editor on October 25, 2013


Gutting a room for a remodel costs thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars – and takes weeks or months to complete.Remodeling Magazine claims that the average cost of remodelling just one room in the house is anywhere between $1,000 and $100,000. Most homeowners don’t have the time or budget for a complete remodel, but they want to do something to freshen up the look of their homes. Whether you’re staging a house in order to sell it or simply looking for a way to update your kitchen or bathroom without spending a fortune and breaking out a hammer, there are four simple, affordable ways to make a room look like new.

1. Swap Out the Details

Forget new cabinets. New kitchen cabinet knobs make even the oldest of cabinets seem new.Dull and dirty cabinet pulls and knobs blend into the cabinet surface. Old knobs areoften unremarkable, unnoticed and chipped or falling off completely. New knobs or pulls, as well as new backplates for them, will “pop” out.

A bright, shiny color or an elegant design can breathe some life into old cabinets. Swap out all of the pulls and knobs in your house – everything from the kitchen to the bathroom to the handles on your bedroom dressers – in one matching variety or vary the look by room. Grab a screwdriver and get to work. Swapping out knobs is fast, simple and affordable.

2. Peel and Stick

A matching set of appliances screams “complete room remodel.” Even if you’re remodeling for a house showing and you’re not even going to leave all the appliances behind, a matching set will make the room look more organized and attractive. However, there’s no reason to spend thousands on everything from a new fridge to a new stove. Use peel-and-stick steel facade to make appliances match with next to no effort. Clean the surface, cut the facade to fit, peel and stick, being careful not to include any air bubbles.

3. Install New Blinds

The amount of light let into a room plays a big role in determining the mood of a room. Is your living room a bright and cheerful place or a dark, romantic retreat? Install new blinds or curtains not only for the changes it makes to the aesthetics of the room but also for the control the additions will give you over the amount of light let into the room.

Sun-blocking material will keep the room darkened throughout the day; this is especially useful in rooms with electronics,such TVs or computer screens, on which you don’t want much glare. Sun blocking also allows for control of the light in the room with a dimmer switch, so you can set the mood in a room like the dining room.

Alternatively, if you prefer a warmer, more natural look, put up blinds that allow you to easily let natural light into a room when the sun is out. If you opt for natural light, youcan shut off the light switch for most of the day, saving you money on utilities.

4. Add New Covers

Similar to the faux façade appliance makeover you do in the kitchen, give your living room and bedroom furniture a matching makeover with new covers. Everything from the sofa to the chairs to the pillows on your chairs can match if you pick the same or complementing material. There are ready-to-use covers, or you can custom-order or sew the covers yourself if you have difficulty finding exactly what you need.

Pick a bright, happy color like yellow, white, or light blue for a room into which you let a lot of light. Pick bold, romantic colors like purple or red for rooms you keep more in the dark. Opt for solid colors or choose designs such as nature designs in a room you primarily decorate in browns and greens.

Details like new knobs and matching exteriors may seem like small changes, but they result in big improvements. Uniformity and new, bright attractive designs fool the eye into thinking the entire room has undergone a major change. Not only are these changes you can make on a budget of next to nothing, they’re changes that won’t take long at all and don’t require you to hire an expert. Set aside time one weekend and transform your home in just a few hours.

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Anne Sailer is a home décor blogger who runs an interior design business. She buys all of her knobs and backplates from Knobbery, which has an incredible selection for those on a budget.

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