4 Essentials That Should Be Considered When Moving

by Editor on April 24, 2013

I got it! Moving box on back.

Tapes, boxes and markers are probably the most essential items to have when you are going to move to another location. But aside from that, you should not overlook 4 other items that are also important to make your move as smooth and hassle-free as possible. They are often taken for granted until everything is being loaded into the moving van or trailer. Never go without the four essential moving items featured below.

Three-Ring Binder: Get Organized!

First, a three-ring binder with a folder in the front and back is essential. You should make inventory lists of everything that is in each box you have packed. Number the boxes and use a like-numbered page for each one. On the page, write down what room the box should go in like bedroom for bed linens and kitchen for utensils. When you arrive, you will not need to open each box and try to remember where everything goes.

In one of the folder sections, keep coupons for local fast food restaurants or delivery places. Cooking will be the last thing on your mind; you should keep an envelope with cash in it if you do not wish to use your credit or debit card to order in a new place.

In the other folder section, keep information about the utility companies, your cable and Internet providers. Write down telephone numbers and confirmation numbers for installation of services; this can prove invaluable if the technician does not show up when you expect him or her.

Bubble Wrap: Don’t Break Your Goods!

Second, have plenty of bubble wrap in various widths and sizes. It is better than newspaper at protecting breakable objects. You can store it in the garage in boxes to reuse as protection for gifts or to relieve stress by popping the bubbles.

All-Purpose Cleaning Kit: You’re Gonna Need It!

Third, put together an all-purpose cleaning kit that will travel in your car instead of the moving truck. Bathroom essentials such as toilet paper and a bag containing soap, shampoo, washcloths and towels should be in a bag beside the kit. The bathroom with laminate flooring can be prepared in a matter of minutes instead of tearing boxes open to find things. A storage bin can hold everything you will need. Place the towels and washcloths in vacuum sealed bags to reduce their bulk.

The Bare Essentials: It’s All About Being Prepared!

Fourth, you should plan ahead in case power is not turned on immediately. Have a few items set aside to set up in the new home just in case. These can include:
• An ice chest loaded with drinks and snacks. You will have energy, keep the kids calm and will not have to run to the store for anything while waiting for the delivery truck or the unloading.
• A few board games or a portable DVD player with spare batteries is also a good idea to take care of boredom.
• Inexpensive air mattresses and a foot pump for inflating them.
• Sleeping bags and pillows to place on the mattresses.
• An inexpensive battery operated lantern for each room.

By preparing ahead, you will not have to assemble beds in the dark, hunt for bedding or try to get everyone to sleep while they are stressed. If the power is on but the hour is late, everyone still has a bed to sleep on. These items can be kept in storage containers; one for each room is ideal. They can be unpacked first and taken to each bedroom. Allow children to place a book or a toy in each bin.

Your move does not have to be an exercise in chaos. With these moving supplies in place, you can move from one luxurious home to another with relative ease.

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