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by Editor on May 14, 2013

Kitchen Renovation

Are you looking for cool kitchen ideas that also help you keep the area hygienic?  You do not need to be a neat freak in order to enjoy this fascinating product.  The growing trend over the past few years is a new surface that is an old favorite in hospitals.

It is now gaining ground in the home market and this material covers the ceilings or walls to ensure that microbes can be easily removed from all surfaces.

This magical material is called PVC hygienic wall cladding, and, if you have not heard of it, stay tuned.  This easy-to-clean covering comes in an array of colors, and helps keep your home insulated.

Saving utilities costs with hygienic wall cladding

Do you think it is cool to create a sustainable home that features environmentally friendly renovations?  In and of itself, hygienic wall cladding is a unique wall covering, and it also promotes a lower carbon footprint because it is extremely good at insulating.

If you already have a layer of insulation in the walls, this wall paneling adds even more.  Part of the reason that it is a great insulator is the impervious nature of the materials.  The other insulating feature that helps you save on utilities is the interlocking welded joints between the panels.

High-shine walls in your kitchen

When you take the time to remodel your kitchen, you want every detail to be perfect.  For this reason, if you want the walls in your kitchen to shine like glass, how do you do it?  After all, getting the walls to have this effect with paint is next to impossible.  Instead of going with high-polished metals or glass tiles, consider the vibrant versions of wall cladding.  The panels can be ordered to your specifications, and some brands offer vivid colors such as fuchsia, lime, orange, purple and light blue.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Another great advantage to wall cladding is how easy it is to maintain and clean.  Because it is made of PVC simply spraying some domestic cleaner onto them and wipe clean with a damp cloth.  This is especially handy when there are children around with pens and crayons!

Put a bird on it

One of the disadvantages of a unique material like wall cladding is the lack of ability to add wallpaper to it.  Instead of pre-ordering wallpaper, another popular option is to add vinyl stickers to the panels.  The end result is a wall cladding background color with whichever pictures or words that you choose for the foreground.

With a little bit of patience and Internet research, you will soon find the perfect vinyl decals that compliment your home best.  Of course, if you want to ensure that there are no problems with adhering the sticky decals, call professional wall cladding contractors in the area to do the work for you.

We hope this was of some use to you and that the advantages of a different type of material cold bring to your new kitchen or bathroom! Please feel free to leave comments in the section below if you have had any successes with wall cladding.

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