4 Tips To Minimise Falls On Your Flooring

by Editor on April 29, 2013


Simple furnishings such as area and designer rugs already make a big difference when placed smartly around the house. They provide vibrancy and character to any corner plus, they also give a homey feeling. On the other hand, they highly complement the entire home decor. However, if you have small kids and senior people in your home, these rugs tend to pose a few threats to the safety of seniors and kids. Here are five awesome tips to help you make area rugs safer for young as well as the old.

1.    Firstly, it is imperative to invest in rug pads. Non-slippery rug pads also help to prevent the carpets from sliding on a tiled floor or hardwood flooring when stepped upon. If you have rambunctious kids running all through the home or elder people who are prone to injuries and falls on your flooring, then ensure that the rugs do not slide. This helps to prevent accidental skids/falls or injuries giving peace of mind when it comes to safety to your kids and seniors.

2.    Choose to adorn your house with large sized area rugs. This is vital keeping in mind the elderly people in your home when they walk from a hard surface onto small sized throw rugs or multiple carpets. This is too dangerous for them, as the uneven surfaces created by these small size rugs can make the person fall. So having a single and large area rug is the best solution here to avoid such hazardous scenario.

3.    Fix holes, tears or any other noticeable damage on your rug, if any. In case of worn spots or holes on your rug, it is time to consider replacing or repairing it at the earliest. A rug with tears and holes is hazardous, as then it poses possible threats of falls. These may also trip the toddlers in your home.

4.    Try to position the rug appropriately within a room, so that there is an apparent and visible area to walk on. By preventing putting the edges of rugs in the path of individuals walking in your house, you will provide seniors and kids a sense of safety to avoid falling or tripping.

Whether thinking to purchase a brand new rug or simply wish to make a few adjustments to the existing one, keeping these vital points in mind will definitely help to make your house a better and safer place to all including you, your kids and senior family members.

By investing a bit of efforts and time when selecting the rug, accessories, its placement and the maintenance aspects, you surely make your family members feel safe and cozy.

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