4 Apps To Have Incase Of An Emergency

by Editor on June 8, 2013


Apps and smartphones have become part of our everyday life. We use them for everything now! GPS, social media, communicating, surfing the Internet, wasting time, we use them for school. There’s just about an app for every situation, even emergencies. Our iPhone can be vital tools to help and protect us in a dangerous situation. Sadly, we’re not always safe. Part of protecting your home and family means to prepare for the unexpected. Most people may neglect the fact that our smartphones could be a great benefit to our protection. We think of storing up food and water incase of an emergency, or make sure we have enough batteries for our flashlights, but we may forget that our smartphones could be a vital asset to our safety. There are dangerous moments that could happen and it’s wise to be prepared for any emergency. So here’s a quick list of some apps that can be tools to help you in that emergency.

1. ICE

If there was anything that ever happened to you and you were unable to communicate, this app would have your back. You are able to make a list of emergency contacts, write down your allergies, any other medication, and any other medial conditions.

2. Alarm .com

Alarm .com is one of the best app security systems out there. It sends a push notification to your device if there’s any type of emergency in your home, like your smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors. You app allows complete access to every part of your homes security systems. You’re able to lock doors, turn off the lights, and even control your thermostat. This app also is able to link up with your home security cameras which allows you to watch from your smartphone or any other device you have the app on. If there ever was any type of emergency at your home this app could become a tremendous help in protecting your family and your house.

3. Red Panic Button

This app is sort of a rape whistle for your iPhone. You can set an emergency number or email to the app, so whenever you press the red button it sends a message saying that you’re in need of help also telling your location. You can also add more than one contact number or email. So when you’re in trouble just press the red button. You’re smartphone could be your lifeline.

4. Disaster Readiness

If there was to be a widespread disaster, like a tornado, hurricane, or a really bad thunderstorm, the power could go out and so would the internet on our smartphones. So this app is a guide that is saved onto your phone and can be accessed without any internet connection. There are over 275,000 guides and hints for any situation! This app lays out what you need to do in order to stay safe and protect yourself. It covers emergencies from tornados, to thunderstorms, to how to charge your phone with no electricity, purifying water – there are so many situations this app could help you with.

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