3 Steps to Give Your Small Yard a Makeover

by Editor on September 19, 2013


Even if the only outside space you have available is a small enclosed yard or courtyard, it’s important to make the most of what you’ve got. And, when a space isn’t particularly attractive, it is easy to forget it’s there. If your outdoor space is looking a tad neglected, follow these 3 simple steps to give it makeover.


It’s easy for a small urban yard to look drab and lifeless. If that’s the case, then what’s needed is an essential injection of colour. You can achieve this quickly, and easily by repainting walls and adding simple touches like potted plants and hangings baskets.

Painting an exterior takes a little more preparation and time than an indoor wall, but you can find some helpful information in this concise guide from Dulux, who also stock an extensive range of exterior paint.

Hanging mirrors aren’t just a great idea for your living room. If your space is on the small side, using mirrors as part of your garden or yard’s layout could dramatically increase the sense of light and space.


If your yard has become a haven for all the junk and rubbish that no longer has a place in your home, then it’s no wonder it has an air of abandonment.

After a good clear out, it’s important to assign your space a function. If possible, invest in a small but usable set of table and chairs; being able to sit in the morning sunshine with a newspaper and your first coffee of the day will make your efforts to taffy up your yard definitely worth it.

If your budget allows it, installing lighting means that you can use your newly discovered space day and night. However, if your funds are running low, some tealights in jam jars is a charming (and cheap) alternative to electrical lighting.


None of these alterations are going to achieve anything if your yard is in desperate need of maintenance. That includes things like replacing broken flagstones, bricks and doors that give the space a neglected air.

If you live in an apartment or maisonette and you have a set of external stairs, leaving these unmaintained can be unsightly, as well as dangerous. Rusted and broken metal is especially unattractive, so if you’re determined to revitalise your yard, it’s a good idea to replace the stair treads of your staircase; these are available to order online from Lionweld Kennedy.

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