3 Reasons Why Your Home Seriously Needs A Wood Gasifier

by Editor on May 30, 2013


Heating costs always vary depending on usage. However, you are most likely spending more money on your utility bills each month than you need to. And keeping these costs down can easily save you hundreds of dollars per year and possibly much more.

But most people simply neglect to do anything about it. Even small things such as weatherizing the home and turning down the thermostat can result in huge savings.

Just imagine what else could have been done with that money.

You could have used it to pay for a small family vacation. You could have paid down outstanding debt. Alternatively, you could even have just kept it as an emergency fund when the need arises.

Alternative methods exist which are both energy efficient and cost effective. Solar panels fit the description but the only downside is it can take years to recoup the investment.

Another solution is to use gasification technology.

Wood gasifiers are specialized units which burn wood through a high efficiency combustion process. The resulting gas can then be used to heat a home or even a water reservoir. The process reduces emissions by a significant amount as fossil fuels are not used.

Gasification is poised to be an important energy alternative in the coming years and the benefits of continued usage is clear. The following are three reasons why you should buy one for your home.

Reduced heating costs

Every time you turn on the heater to warm your home or use gas to heat your water, your utility costs increase. The difference is often minuscule but over time the costs start to add up depending on total usage. They are designed to be extremely cost efficient by relying on renewable resources such as cord wood.

They even reduce fuel requirements by a significant amount when compared to traditional wood furnaces. The initial investment can easily be recouped in less than a year. There are also tax credits and other incentives available which homeowners can leverage for even more savings.

Greener solution

The effects of burning fossil fuels on the environment are clear. The air pollution that is created has adverse health effects. But unlike fossil fuels, wood is a renewable resource which is easily accessible in most places. Using a wood gasifier is more environmentally friendly than other sources of energy.

Solar panels are highly effective at producing clean energy but they are often too costly for most homeowners to even consider. Wood gasifiers only require a small amount of fuel but they provide a reliable source of heat.

Multiple applications

Wood gasifiers have multiple applications from heating a designated area to providing hot water for domestic use. With a steady supply of fuel the possibilities are practically endless. And purchasing one of these units for your home is essentially a guaranteed investment that will pay itself for years to come.

The best part is that you can easily build one of these specialized units yourself. But even if you lack the expertise to do so, they can always be purchased from a manufacturer.

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