10 Top Tips For Cleaning Your Windows Like A Pro

by Editor on June 5, 2013

Cleaning Your Windows

Cleaning windows can be a struggle for a lot of people for a number of reasons, though the success is often worth it and the end result of crystal clear windows, one to laud over. So, if you want glimmering glass like you see the professionals achieve – here’s how to attain it.


Like most things in life, having the right tools for the job is a necessity and this means investing in some new items. A lot of people can’t clean windows to their fullest because they simply don’t use the right implements. So, purchase some squeegees, soap and applicators and you should be fine.


You also need to ensure that your new scrubber is clean as this is a major part in ensuring your home is clean. Dirty applicators will never achieve clean windows as they leave residue behind and this only will move dirt from one area to another. Use clean applicators and clean regularly.


Don’t clean in sunlight as this will cause the glass to streak.


When holding the squeegee, do so at an angle so the water runs down it and away from the window. Water on one end or the other will only cause issues as its flowing off both ends. Pointing it allows you to control the water drainage.


The blade also needs to be cleaned. Use a lint cloth, as a wet squeegee will only leave a streak on the window.

You will need to overlap at times but try and ensure that it is only around an inch over where the last item stopped as this will prevent streaks.


Lots of water is very important and you should first wash the windows with a scrubber as you want the dirt to come off with this solution. Do watch out for water on woodwork though as this can cause problems.


Water spots at the edge of the window are going to happen, there are not two ways about it and it’s just a fact of window cleaning. The best way to prevent issues here is to wipe the edge with a lint free cloth – this will ensure the edges are clean.


One of the best ways to become accustomed with a squeegee is to practice with it when you get it first. Most professional people will use an 18 inch squeegee, though it’s recommended that people starting off should use a 12 inch version as it’s easier to control. This allows you to develop good hand-eye coordination – something that’s essential for later days when you are using access hire to clean those higher up windows as you can see here.

Window cleaning takes practice and there are like anything special tricks of the trade that need to be mastered before you get to a window cleaner like standard of cleaning.

However, once you get used to things you will be able to clean to the same high standard as a professional and in doing so be able to ensure your home looks spotless inside and out.

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