10 Things Your Luxury Home Must Have

by Editor on June 7, 2013

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Anyone can own a comfortable house, but luxury is about indulgence. A luxurious abode takes comfort a step further than the average with key features like a decorator pool and home theater. The idea is to make the residence more appealing by adding extras that stand out.

Consider ten things that turn the basic house into a luxury home:

1. Heated Floors

This system involves thin mats that sit between the mortar and tiles to warm floors. Even casual homes will sometimes add this attribute to the bathrooms. A luxury home will probably have it in any room where there is tile, including the kitchen.

2. Elegant Counters

Granite counters are out, according to Forbes. The more “on-trend” luxury homes are incorporating what designers call alternative stone. This includes:

  • Basalt
  • Schist
  • Quarzite

These counters look and feel a lot like granite, but are more durable. Granite etches when exposed to certain acids. These stones have the same appeal, but without that drawback.

3. Theater Screening Room

Many people have a separate room to hold the big screen TV and home theater system. A luxury establishment, however, offers a screening room instead. This is a very similar thing, but comes with theater seating, a minibar, and a large projection screen. The video and audio equipment sits in an out of the way space just like you see in a commercial movie theater.

4. Pool Plus

It is not unusual to find a home with a pool, but in a luxury house, the pool area might include a wet or tiki bar and outdoor kitchen instead of the standard gas grill. Many offer extensive seating areas complete with a pavilion for dining, as well.

5. Automated Toilet

This is a combination bidet and commode. The automated toilet has a display that allows users to wash and dry, select music, and even adjust the lighting.

6. Smart Home Design

This is a cost-saving idea for any home. Smart sensors regulate the temperature, lock the doors and windows, turn on lights at night and set the home alarm system. Smart centers come with a display panel that allows you to control everything right from bed – no more getting up to make sure the alarm is set or the doors are locked.

7. Curbside Appeal

Landscaping is an asset for any property. A luxury home will incorporate style using a landscape architect. Sculptured scrubs, perfectly placed flowerbeds, and a fountain koi pond all increase the property value and add dazzle to the landscaping.

8. Steam Shower

A steam shower does more than just get you wet. It provides massage, multiple shower heads including jet spray and rain heads, and a steam room atmosphere. Some come with seating and a surround sound stereo system for those who like to sing in the shower.

9. High-Def in the Bathroom

A soaker tub goes without saying, but a luxurious bath includes a high-definition TV conveniently located for maximum viewing from anywhere in the room. Waterproof remotes should sit near the tub and shower for easy channel changes.

10. Location, Location, Location

What a home buyer wants in a location varies. But community security is important for luxury homes full of high-end electronics. You are not just buying a house; you are buying a neighborhood. A gated neighborhood with a local security company will improve the safety, for example.

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder – not everyone needs a fancy toilet to feel pampered. Find a few nice touches to add to your home and turn it into the house that you always dreamed of owning.

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The author of this article is Nicole Johnson. Nicole is a home building and home improvement expert who works for one of the top luxury home builders in Perth, Australia.

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